• Bonaventure Club in 1896, McCord Museum
  • Sinclair Rapids
  • Indian Falls
  • Tom Bear
  • Honeymoon canoe trip in 1915, G. Arsenault
  • Grandmother’s Hole
  • Bonaventure Atlantic salmon, C. Bernard
  • Bonaventure Atlantic salmon, C. Bernard

From the Chic-Choc mountains to the Baie des Chaleurs in the Gaspé Peninsula, the Bonaventure crystal clear waters, habitat of the Atlantic salmon, run through an enchanting landscape.

Presenting archives, photos and testimonials, this 752 page book paints a journey worthy of Quebec’s great legends and traces back to the forgotten meaning of the names of 130 exceptional pools and sites.

From the establishment of the first private fishing club in 1883, meet the riverside communities of Mi’kmaq, French Canadians, Acadians and English-speaking immigrants. As you go along, follow these brave and extraordinary people who, for 100 years, have shaped the river and overcome the challenges imposed on them by the forestry industry, wars and the privatization of the land to the benefit of the wealthy. These brave actors gifted us a broad range of emotions and extraordinary events to preserve as part of our heritage.

Published first in French in August 2019, this reference document is proof of love for one of the most beautiful rivers in Quebec and in the world. More than 200 sketches and photos will guide passionate readers through meanders and rapids.


Bonaventure River in 1896, The Falls, McCord Museum


Book Launch event in 2019: on the right, writer Chantal Morin next to Marc Gauthier at the time Director of Little-Cascapédia ZEC

The Bonaventure River 1883 - 1980, 752 pages

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